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Steve Rother

The words Heart of the Horse hold special meaning for Steve Rother.  For as long as he can remember, horses have been his passion.  Growing up, his Mom had to bribe him to read books about things OTHER than horses. As a kid he may never had known what pathway his life would take, but he would have guaranteed that there would be horses on the journey with him.  

For decades Steve has travelled anywhere that he can to gain more knowledge of horses and finding ways to impart that wisdom to  thousands of people. He was mentored by some of the greats, including Ray Hunt, and as a kid used to bring his saddle to the sidelines of clinics and wait for the call to ride.

Steve worked with the BLM doing many gentling exhibitions, starting mustangs and showing them in front of crowds to bring better understanding of the breed to the people. Steve is now the three-time undefeated champion of the Red Deer Mane Event Colt Starting Challenge, including the Champion of Champions in 2016.  He has a special way with horses, and his ability to teach both human and horse has earned him the title of Horse Teacher.

Anyone can become a Student of the Horse; as Steve travels the US and Canada taking part in Expos and providing Horsemanship Clinics.  Steve also provides more in-depth tutelage at the School of the Horse; where he hosts horsemanship camps at the Horse Creek Ranch near Hunters, Washington.  From his Excel With Horses Program to his One Ride Away Challenge, Steve has created many horsemanship programs that help any horse and rider build their confidence together.  The methods he uses and teaches work for all breeds, of any age, within all disciplines, and he is dedicated to helping every rider get the partnership that they truly want with their horses!

Steve is so excited to be invited to be a participant at the Heart of the Horse.  Niki and Dustin both share that connection that Steve values so much with the horses.  That ability to communicate and understand, to build that bond with such a magnificent animal.  There is nothing more pure in spirit than the Heart of the Horse.

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