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Matt Robertson

“When I was fourteen, my family had a small place east of Wheatland, Wyoming where I mostly grew up. Dad and Mom had some cows and horses and my older brother started breaking some colts, wanting to cowboy and ride broncs and I basically had to do anything he did.


The first ‘colt’ I got to ride was an older mare that someone else had tried to break. She really had my number but dad was pretty good with young horses and knew some Ray Hunt style methods and we got around her pretty good after a while. Eventually I wanted to learn more and more about starting colts and horsemanship. I felt like I could ride just about anything but I could see the benefits of keeping a horse from being troubled right off the bat.

I went through high school, college and a few years of the PRCA - riding saddle bronc horses. I got a degree in welding and did that long enough to know I belonged out on a ranch riding a horse.


I worked for a string of old timers and learned little things from all of them. I started colts for a cutting horse trainer and breeder and saw a glimpse of that world. I’ve always cowboyed around, from Wyoming to Central Alberta and a few other places in between. Always starting colts. Always looking to make a nicer horse. 

I watch other people and learn from them. Good or bad, you can always pick up something small and put it in your bag of tricks. I’m very honoured and humbled to be part of this event and am looking forward to getting to work in the same pen as Dan and Glenn.

- Matt Robertson