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Event producer - Niki Flundra

Niki Flundra is living her dreams as she travels North America sharing her passion for horses. She is among the top of the field in the Equine industry as a Liberty Horse Trainer and Performer, Professional Stunt Woman in the Film industry and a Clinician. 


Niki has worked in the film industry as a stunt woman and stunt horse provider. These include Shanghai Noon, Rat Race,  Broken Trail, Little House on the Prairie, Into the West, Horses of McBride, and Flicka 3 to name a few.

Most recently she has worked on the hit television shows Heartland, Hell on Wheels and Zoo. 


In Canadian Professional Rodeo Niki has been selected 8 consecutive times as Contract Act of the year.


Her performance resume includes:

  • 6x to the prestigious National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada

  • 14 x Canadian Finals Rodeo

  • 18x Rodeo Houston

  • 11x Calgary Stampede

  • Selected to perform with her liberty horse team onstage at the Calgary Stampede night show

  • 5x San Antonio Stock Show’

  • 4x Fort Worth Rodeo and Stock Show

  • Denver CO, Reno NV, Pendleton OR, Cheyenne WY, Austin TX, Waco TX, and many more


Niki has been honored to perform for the Prime Minister of Canada and The President of The United States. Her travels have even taken her to Australia to perform!


Niki resides with her husband, 3x Canadian Saddle Bronc Champion and winner of the Calgary Stampede, Dustin Flundra, and their three sons on a Ranch in Southern Alberta. Her passion for horses and the western way of life is evident in all that she does. The Heart of the Horse event is a way for Niki to continue to share her love of the horse with others. 

“My dream for Heart of the Horse is to showcase the remarkable ability and unlimited magnitude of both horse and trainer. I want the world to see how inspiring and how positive an impact horses can make on us.⁣

They have the innate ability to show us our honest and true selves and have such a way of teaching us, helping us and healing us...⁣

I want to share all the ways they make us better and help spread knowledge from those who have mastered a higher and deeper level of horsemanship. I want to inspire connection so that we can all further our own journey as students of the horse.⁣”

- Niki Flundra⁣

Liberty Horses with Niki Flundra

Liberty Horses with Niki Flundra

Liberty Horse Trainer - Cloverdale Rodeo



Niki Flundra - Event Producer for The Heart of the Horse - September 2019

Niki Flundra

Niki Flundra

Movie and television stunt woman and Liberty Horse trainer

Niki Flundra

Niki Flundra

Rodeo performer. Liberty Horse Trainer, Clinician

Amber Marshall & Niki Flundra

Amber Marshall & Niki Flundra

Niki Flundra - stunt woman double for Amber Marshall on Heartland television series



Film industry stunt woman, stunt horse provider and clinician

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