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Greg Garvie

'For the past eleven years Gregg and his wife Lauren have operated a horse training business near Priddis, AB.

For most of his career, Gregg started horses for the public in many Western and English disciplines. He also spent each winter travelling to the US to start colts for cutting horse trainers in Texas and California. Today Gregg specializes in training two-year-old cutters. Each year he and his wife take their best two-year-olds to the Western Bloodstock sale at the NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth. Graduates from their program have been finalists at the NCHA and NRCHA Futurities.


Gregg grew up as a city kid with almost no exposure to horses. After getting a degree in finance and being unhappy in that career, Gregg got a job with a chuckwagon driver because, watching it on TV, it seemed like the furthest he could get from the world he was in. He soon became fascinated with horse psychology and was fortunate to meet Sid Cook, who became his biggest mentor. Sid introduced Gregg to the ideas of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

Since then Gregg has been on a mission to find Dorrance/Hunt disciples that apply that philosophy to performance horses. Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter, Wayne Robinson and Dustin Gonnet have been instrumental in his education.'


Greg Garvie horseman
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