Guest Speaker

Welcoming Guest Speaker at this year's event - Amy Monea

⁣I will forever be in wonder and awe of how much a horse can bring to people when we can slow down to see.⁣

I am Amy Monea and I am a Therapist with Heard Wellness Through Horses. I partner with horses to support people to grow and heal through both individual and group experiences.⁣

Horses have been a part of my life since I was a young girl, including involvement in my local 4-H Light Horse Club and High School Rodeo. Along with continuing to enjoy and connect with horses, I completed a Master of Social Work degree and gained experience working in the field of mental health, along with program development work for both youth and adults.⁣

Today, I have combined my passion for horses and helping people to offer learning and healing experiences to adults and youth. I also value any opportunity to be able share what horses have to offer and to speak about rural mental health.

Heard Wellness Through Horses

Amy Monea - Heard Wellness Through Horses