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Silver Sage Community Corral
Brooks, Alberta

Sept 11-13, 2020







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Our Vision

We are beyond disappointed to announce we will be cancelling Heart of the Horse for 2020. We want to say a huge thank you to every single person involved in making this event happen last year and working towards it happening this year. For the fans, sponsors, trainers, judges, guest speaker, all our volunteers and personnel, our night show performers and vendors, we appreciate you all so much and look hopefully forward to having you all next year.

* For those of you that have purchased tickets you will receive an email with your full refund information.

Thank you all again for all of your support.

Niki & Dustin


A beautiful facility, Silver Sage Arena is a multi-purpose agricultural grounds and indoor riding facility in the heart of southern Alberta. The main building features a 100 X 185 heated riding arena and is equipped with arena level concession, spectator seating and ample display space. A second floor viewing area and lounge is also available. Off the main arena is a 100 X 80 warm up arena with rolling overhead doors into the main arena. 


Heart of the Horse is an event that is designed to recognize the heart and unbelievable abilities of both horse and trainer. It will showcase the true art of horsemanship through a colt starting competition, demonstrations and mini clinics to spread knowledge and understanding and top notch featured entertainment.  The colt starting competition is an informative and extremely entertaining event where 3 trainers choose a colt from a herd and, over the course of 3 days, compete to start and train at the highest level to win the competition. On the final day the trainers must attempt several challenges and an obstacle course before the winner is determined .


Along with the thrilling competition, the event will feature a trade show and equine industry related highlights for the guests in attendance.


Heart of the Horse would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. We thank each and every partner for your support.


Our 2020 Clinicians

Colt Starting Competition
Colt Starting Competition
Colt Starting Competition



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Silver Sage Arena - Brooks, Alberta
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