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of the Horse

  • Aug 24-27, 2023

  • Silver Sage Indoor Arena

  • Brooks Alberta



Our Vision


“My dream for Heart of the Horse is to showcase the remarkable ability and unlimited magnitude of both horse and trainer.   I want the world to see how inspiring and how positive an impact horses can make on us. They have the innate ability to show us our honest and true selves and have such a way of teaching us, helping us and healing us... I want to share all the ways they make us better and help spread knowledge from those who have mastered  a higher and deeper level of horsemanship . I want to inspire connection so that we can all further our own  journey as  students of the horse.”   ... Niki Flundra

Heart of the Horse is a first class production. Event trainers will be some of the greatest horsemen in North America. These trainers are highly regarded in the equine industry and have a large following.


The 2022 HOTH is set for Aug 25-28 at Silver Sage Arena just outside of Brooks, Alberta. A popular agricultural facility, Silver Sage Arena is a multi-purpose ag grounds and riding facility with both indoor and outdoor arenas as well as ample space for event trade fair booths, social gatherings and more.


Heart of the Horse is an event that is designed to recognize the heart and unbelievable abilities of both horse and trainer. It will showcase the true art of horsemanship through a colt starting competition, demonstrations and mini clinics to spread knowledge and understanding and top notch featured entertainment.  The colt starting competition is an informative and extremely entertaining event where 3 trainers choose a colt from a herd and, over the course of 3 days, compete to start and train at the highest level to win the competition. On the final day the trainers must attempt several challenges and an obstacle course before the winner is determined.

A unique element of HOTH Colt Starting Competitions is the diverse and effective approaches that the trainers bring to the table while educating a horse. Look for upcoming news about HOTH clinics and other
educational components.

The 2022 Heart of the Horse event will also feature a trade show and equine industry related highlights for the guests in attendance.


Heart of the Horse would not be possible without the help of our sponsors. We thank each and every partner for your support.


Our 2023 Clinicians

Colt Starting Competition

Colt Starting Competition



Colt Starting Competition





of the Horse


Pincher Creek, Alberta

Tel:  403 632-9615


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